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I have a facebook posting this morn from Emmanuel Jal…a very cool, dedicated young singer, songwriter, storyteller and advocate for his people and his country…Sudan. He does amazing work to bring peace, education and oppportunity to his people. His work is powerful, spirited and striaght from the heart.

Peace is something to which we all aspire.  Mr BKS Iyengar says that peace  is found in the midline of the body as we work towards correct alignment in our yoga asauna. Thich Nhat Hanh says that peace is every step. Peace is now. Peace is every breath as we walk about our daily lives. Mother Theresa reminds us that a smile is the beginning of peace. And Jimi Hendrix said that when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

It is Peace Practice at our yoga studio this Friday, March 2 from 5 to 6pm. Everyone is welcome. No experience necessary. We come together to do a guided, restorative yoga practice to create peace in our bodies and  ourselves that emanates through us into our activites, our community and our world. In addition, peace practitioners are invited to make a donation and a suggestion where the collective donation might go when a name is pulled out of the proverbial hat at the end of practice. Over the years, our Peace Practice donations have gone to many different people, places and organizations in our community and beyond. It is another way we give back in gratitude for the peace, privilege and abundance we experience in our lives, in our community. It is a practice of many years at our studio, initiated and continued by our fearless leader, Kelly.

Peace to you and to all our teachers. Thank you for your peace in all of this!

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Honouring Grandmothers….

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The Stephen Lewis Foundation is having a campaign to honour grandmothers for International Women’s Day on March 8th.

They are inviting us all to write, paint, video, photograph, sing, dance about grandmothers: yours, somebody else’s, in Africa, anywhere. What a fab idea! I am going to get The Candles to write about their Grandmother Sophia who died three year years ago.

This woman is Blessed and Amidah’s mum, Margaret Tumushabe Rwomushana. She died of HIV/AIDS when they were young so they went to live with their late Grandmother, Sophia Tindikhawa.  I am sure that Blessed and Amidah will share stories about their mum and their grandmother too. I look forward to them together with the stories from The Candles..

Have fun talking to and about your grandmothers honouring them in a special way this year. Grandmothers are a source of much wisdom and life experience.

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Dear Dori…

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My day begins with a lovely walk along the harbourfront. beautiful new morning light. Pale pink clouds reflect in the still waters. I come home and do the usual things I do in the morning: meditate, yoga, breakfast, CBC radio. A lovely life. In time, I check my email. An message from Amidah sits in my inbox this lovely morning…

“Good Morning Dori,   

Been told that there its night, i guess you must be dreaming now.

Samuel got an accident yesterday being picked from school on his boda boda and the boda driver. Unfortunately the Driver was badly injured, and died. 
Samuel has been put on Oxygen since yesterday…..

His aunt has been calling Blessed though he has no internet access to email you, he normally uses Peter when he visits him.
Blessed called me last night, and i could not email you at all, since i had no internet access. Am in touch with Samuel Aunt, who is right besides him.
Now the hospital requires fees for his treatment.Would you help Dori, since Samuel is one of our brothers, we need him, and help his life back.
I remember when we used to be in Mbarara together. He used to be full of stories like a royal brother. He used to tell his life, How hard it has been for him, with his humble face and big eyes. i don’t want to imagine this.
The hospital needs 1.500.000 for his treatment urgently since his been put on oxygen. The Money will be sent his Aunt, and i would advise you sent the money in Blessed’s Name. The last time i was trying to receive the money on his behalf, i was almost denied picking it due to my identity card. Now day the women told me in the bank that they require a passport, which i don’t have, a driving licence which i don’t have too. Send to Blessed, we will pick it together and then send it to Samuel’s Aunt, since the Hospital requires fees for further treatment.
back in classes, and hope to hear from you.
and am sorry for such incidences, i hate to say this, but in life we there are things we cant a void like accidents.”
In contrast to the comfort and resources of my Life, Life flies hard and fast in the faces of these young ones. They are young adults. They are still double orphans. There are no parents to guide and consult with at these difficult and scary times. For me, it is hard to reconcile the inequities. It is a challenge to redistribute resources and opportunities…or is it really? As I say in response to Amidah’s email,
“Of course, I will do my best for you. Please tell Samuel that we love him  and that…
” All is well. All shall be well. All matter of things shall be well.”
A quote from Julian of Norwich that a dear friend shared with me.
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A letter from Augustine…

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A letter from Augustine…

We know how sweet and rare it is to get a real, handwritten letter in the mail along with the pizza deals, real-estate offers and proverbial bills. Last week I received a letter from Augustine out of the blue. It was her  first letter ever ! What a treat and what an honour.  She is asking for friendship, for a penpal. What a lovely link for me. You know I wrote back instantly!

Augustine is a student at Nyaka School in SW Uganda. Nyaka School is, in fact, not too far as the crane flies, from where The Candles live and go to school. However Nyaka school is VERY different from the Candles’. Nyaka is a thriving community school envisioned, built and directed by an extraordinary Ugandan, Twesigye Jackson Kaguri. I met him at viu 2 years ago when he came to talk to us during MultiCultural week. The work he is doing is exemplary and piquing the interest of other African Nations. Check out the link below to their website. You’ll be touched and inspired.


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African Marketplace in Nanaimo…

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African Marketplace in Nanaimo…

The Nan-Go-Grannies are creating an African Marketplace early this summer. They are an active part of The Stephen Lewis Foundation’s incentive linking grandmothers here with those in sub Saharan Africa. This program does wonders under the wise guidance , insight,  foresight and compassion of our national treasure .

The Nan-Gos are busy preparing all sorts of wonderful offerings. Mark the date on your calendar. You won’t want to miss it.

It is another chance to contribute, change lives and have fun.

And as the popular Aussie songwriter, Ben Lee, sings “We are all in this together…”


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