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A Garden of Earthly Delights…

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Spring has sprung in the yoga studio! Kimberly has brought in another amazing creation that is drawing ooooohs! and aaaaaahs! galore! She has created                A Garden of Earthly Delights

Kimberly has filled a beautiful green wire tree with beautiful earrings, like exquisite blossoms and buds.  She made each pair earrings of semi-precious stones and sterling silver. They are detailed with care, art and heart. Each Earthly Delight has a wee label noting that all proceeds from sales of these little beauties go directly to The Candles. A yellow bunny shaped basket offers an organza drawstring bag for each pair of earrings. These Earthly Delights are Kimberly’s gift to us and to The Candles….. who both are, two other lovely examples of Earthly Delights!

We are deeply grateful for the circle of creative love surrounding The Candles. It inspires openness and expression of the heart.

Help is beautiful. Hope is necessary. Caring is everything. Kimberly came up this ‘motto’ too. She  creates and creates and creates with such generosity, mindfulness, skill and generosity.

Thank you eighteen gazillion times, Kimberly.

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Peachy keen…

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The second day Spring is here!  Very vernal equinox greetings to all!

Walking this morn we came upon an ornamental cherry bravely, beautifully  blossoming in the early morning light. It takes the breath away. It brings us back to the moment, the mystery and the miracle of Nature.

The cherry tree at our back door is also braving beautiful blossoms. It is wonderful to see and feel signs of Spring everywhere: fresh, new, light, growth, new beginnings and hope. Like The Candles, like the kids and youth we know in the Springtime of their lives, ayur-vedically speaking plus those in other stages and ages…the promise, the opening, to a new season, to new possiblities, new  beauty, new ways of being. It lightens our spirit. It opens our heart. It confirms all is well.

And as we like to say: Help is  beautiful. Hope is necessary. Caring is everything.

Enjoy Spring chez vous.

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Feeling boxed in???

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Feeling boxed in???

I received this Deepak quote on my facebook page on the w/e.

It’s pretty cool. When we all get rid of the box, we will all be together. Right where we all belong….knowing our ‘inter-being’ as Thich Nhat Han would say.

I met with my pal Kimberly late last week to discuss our website, our next steps and plans for creating some abundance for The Candles. We have lots of great things cooking. We’re definitely box-less. Stay in touch. We’ll keep you posted.


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Making his mark…

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Blessed just sent me his marks for his first semester at Makerere University.

He registered and began classes last September in the faculty of Social Sciences.

I clearly remember the day last summer he registered and subsequently went back to         get details of class schedule. He said he cried when he saw his name posted on the list. He said it was a dream come true.

It is pretty amazing to think 5 years ago Blessed was a kid on his own struggling to make his way washing cars. Now after a semester at university which included 8 papers, tests and final exams plus a faculty strike in September/October, a day job at RHU (the NGO: Reproductive Health Uganda) to offset his evening classes and managing his own health as well as The Candles, Blessed has come through with shining colours, a final mark of 85% for his first semester in Social Sciences.

Congratulations, Blessed! We are very impressed and happy for you. You are a wonder. Well begun is half done.

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Wind power in Malawi….

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Wind power in Malawi….

I have been feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by how to meet the needs of  The Candles of late. And then I found this lovely clip from my son.

It is an inspiring example of resourcefulness and applied genius. This is what I love about many young Africans, like William Kamkwamba. The simplicity of his design, desire and intent is refreshing and heartening. These young ones are the current and future leaders of their families, villages and countries.      It gives me great hope.

Thanks for turning me on to this, Simon. It made my day!

William Kamkwamba on building a windmill | Video on

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