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Wonder Women…Amidah and Medina

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We are so lucky to have such strong, capable and compassionate women caring for The Candles.

Medina is a widow living in Kabesheshe  who came forward to care for The Candles when their first mama after Grandmother Sophia died          left to have her own baby and family. Mama Medina stepped up to the plate. How do you cook, clean and care for 18 kids? I always felt my hands were full with my 2 !  I am so grateful to Medina. I  totally admire her willingness to help and keep The Candles’ lights shining!

Amidah is The Candles’ oldest girl cousin. She is Blessed’s twin sister. Like her brother and Mama Medina, Amidah is a wonder. Like Medina, she has saved the day many times. Amidah is a full-time college student in Kampala studying Community Development. She also has a part-time job to cover her living expenses. She  often travels to care for Candles who are in the hospital in Mbarara while carrying on her other responsibilities. In her time off, Amidah makes the long and rugged journey to her village, Kabesheshe, to help care for, teach and play with The Candles.

Amidah is a marvellous role model for all her cousins, especially the girls. They can see that it is possible, like her, to accomplish their dreams through education. Amidah is the first girl in their family to have this opportunity. Along with Medina, Amidah is a  lovely, inspiring, key woman in the lives of The Candles. Together these wonder women daily make the impossible possible. There is absolutely no doubt…..African women hold up the sky.

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Back and better…

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Our high school boys, Shadihu and Faziri recently came home for their semester break. Happily they  had a successful term. Sadly they came home with serious cases of malaria. Apparently they are not the only ones. Most of the kids in their classes are also sick. At first Mama Medina thought it was not unusual, but soon it was clear that our boys were VERY unwell. They are in the hospital in Mbarara now.

Amidah, their oldest cousin who studies kilometres away in Kampala, has been handling  this situation for us all. She is attending the boys in the hospital while staying in contact with me. Another Ugandan wonder woman! Today brought  an email reporting that with care and medications the boys are beginning to do much better. They must stay in hospital for 2 weeks more. This means they will be a little late returning to school, but Shadihu and Faziri will be back in strong, healthy form ready for another successful semester! Good luck boys….you make us proud!

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a time for renewal.

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As Easter weekend approaches, I can’t help but notice that the world doesn’t seem to agree with the standard calendar. Way back in January, I remember wondering why we celebrate the new year in the cold darkness when the rest of the earth’s creatures beg to differ.

New green shoots are sprouting up everywhere, the birds are pairing up in trembling flutters of wings, and the bugs and bulbs are awakening from a long sleep.  It’s a time that we start looking forward with hope and optimism.

May this vibrant season also bring hope to our friends in Kabesheshe.

Happy Spring.  Happy Easter.  Happy New Year.

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