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Hope is necessary…

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Blessed was in a serious accident late last week. He was knocked down by a hit and run car while walking in the street. He is in critical condition and is being transferred to hospital in Nairobi.

Please keep his strong, smiling face in your mind and heart. Send him light and love. He will soon be back stronger than ever.

We know that …Hope is necessary. Help is beautiful. Caring is everything. Blessed has all this and more this going for him.

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Change looks like this too!

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Yes! this is Amidah, Blessed’s twin sister. I saw her face for the first time in photos they sent me for Mothers’ Day. At first I though they were studio photos. But no need to spend money on that. Look what friends can do for each other. What a gift to me! And what a gift Amidah is to her world, our world!

Like her brother Blessed, Amidah demonstrates the potential held by the opportunity to be the best she can be, for her light within to shine.

Amidah is a shining example to her young cousins, for everyone around her of what can be the reality for young women in Kabasheshe, in Uganda, in Africa. Amidah is now  in her third semester of Community Development studies in Kamapala. She works when not studying to make her way. She lives in a dorm room with 9 other girls. Amidah is often with The Candles, especially when the need arises for someone to be bedside with them when in hospital.

Amidah is a brilliant young woman. Her goodness, intelligence , success and dreams glow on her beautiful face. She is a shining example of the leadership and the hope for their future. Thank you for all you do, Amidah.


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Blessed Boy!

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This email arrived this morning. It tells of Blessed’s latest activities in Kampala and his plans for the next few months. It gives us a good picture of what his life is really like….and what a cool young man he really is.

“Hope you had a great morning.  As for me, gonna enjoy my three months holiday, lol!
I am so so so sorry for the belated reply.  I was not even able to  work for these two days….been doing my last two papers in total six, and i have been attending work related meetings. That has occupied most of my times, then yesterday I got very so uncomfortable, was so tired, felt like sick, ohhh but this thing has been happening to me most cases, i may need to see a doctor why it happens.
Yesterday morning I was able to transfer 2.9k (UGX Ugandan shillings) to Madina. I got my pay cheque yesterday morning, so I transferred 2.0k that you sent and 900k for the boys. I  promised God that when he blesses and grants me a miracle with this new job, that I will return whole my first salary as a tithe. And as promised this money went to the people in need of it, of course the boys-candles. And I felt great about it.  In my entire  life I have never donated such an amount, wow.
Begun my holiday from university already….at least it going to help me maybe somehow see a few friends, go out with my friends, I missed that, dance , do a lot of yoga, rest enough, and maybe at the begining of September should be able to make a trip to Kabasheshe after long time waiting…I will take great pics, I will pick anything useful for our website, handwriten candles letters to you…lol, i guess its gonna be an amazing trip for me.
I am a bit dissapointed, but hey I have lots of hope. I was not granted a scholarship to DC Washington this year. I am still waiting on another donor who had told me to apply to their organisation, meaning i might not make to BC, ohhhhhh.
Love you more each time, each second, each min, mother.”
Yes, this is who Blessed really is. He continues to transform his life from that street kid I met 6 years ago. Yes,this is what our love and support achieves.
Thank you all for your loyal support. Step by step we ARE changing the world.
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18 for 18 for 18

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Here is what a bag of soy lights looks like!

We continue to sew and prepare these bags of 18 soy tealight candles as a fundraiser for The 18 Candles for $18!

They are beginning to move and light up many peoples’ lives in many different places. Thanks for your support!


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A Dynamic Duo

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A Dynamic Duo

Check out this great picture of Blessed and Amidah! Truly an amazing pair.

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