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Amidah in the Field

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As part of her final semester in her college diploma in Community Development, Amidah is busy with her studies which includes a component of  field work. Already The Candles and their Mama Medina, are benefiting from Amidah’s studies and work. Amidah was able to register them in a workshop being given in their village on living positively for both children and adults.

This is the beginning of something  very, very good. Amidah is already, even before graduation, making a positive impact on the education and quality of life in her village. Accurate information is a powerful tool for informed choices in life.

Thank you, Amidah for all your hard work and commitment to your studies and to improving conditions for your family, your village and you country. you are a significant and powerful role model for young women in Uganda. The girls and women in your village are watching closely and learning from you that they too can make changes in their lives bringing them closer to self-sufficiency and making their dreams come true. We are eager to hear more  and follow you and your work, Amidah!

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Peace Practice : Friday, October 5th

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There was a lovely turn out for Peace Practice at the yoga studio last Friday night, create peace in ourselves, in our families, our communities and the world around us. As always, it was a lovely restorative yoga practice. We were reminded of the many things we are thankful for in our very fortunate lives.

As is our tradition, the collective donation given by the yogis, goes to the name of a charity, group or organization suggested by a yogi in attendance. A suggestion is ‘pulled out’ of the proverbial hat!

And guess what???? The Candles were selected AGAIN! We are all so grateful. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving surprise. And we are reminded of just  how much support comes the way of The Candles from the yogis at our studio.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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