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The boys are back!

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Our two high school boys, Faziri and Shadihu are back! They have had another successful term and are back in the village for  Christmas holidays. The High School BoysThey are looking taller, stronger and DEFINITELY SMARTER than before.

Faziri and Shadihu are willing help with the new gardening project, including hens and a goat! Between soccer matches, of course!

Welcome back, boys!

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New Pictures!

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New Pictures!

Great news!

New pictures are coming…

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Candle sitings….

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Candle sitings….

I am so excited. I skyped briefly with Blessed today. Power was out in Kampala. It is good that Blessed has a wide, bright smile otherwise the screen would have been complete darkness! Connections were iffy so it was hard to hear and understand. But it was good nonetheless to see Blessed’s face and hear his voice, albeit a little fuzzy!

Blessed has just returned from a short visit to Kabesheshe village with some news and new photos of The Candles. Hooray!

Amidah is spending all of her school holidays in Kabesheshe Village with The Candles. She has begun some small farm gardening projects with the kids. She bought some chickens and they have planted some beans. This sounds like the beginning of something very good.

The village and surroundings are looking very, very green from the rains. Sounds like Vancouver Island! Look at the pile of firewood that The Candles have collected for cooking and heating.

There is more good news. After  a day with his doctors, Blessed has been given a bill of good health. He is strong and healthy once more! He has plans for the New Year which we will discuss soon.

Blessed is on his way back to the village to celebrate Christmas with his cousins…..and on December 24th, Amidah and Blessed celebrate their 23rd birthdays. WOW! There is lots to celebrate again this year….

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Thanks to one & all…

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As the holidays fast approach, I am reminded of all the gifts that we have received over this year that have helped us help The Candles.

It is a miracle. Actually it is miracle after miracle after miracle. The Candles are fed, receive ARV meds, school uniforms, books and fees. They have a shored up, dry house to sleep in. Amidah has almost finished her diploma in Community Development. She will do her field work in the New Year. She is now in the village with The Candles.         Blessed is well again. We have so much to thank you for.

And as we have learned again and again and again:

Help is beautiful.   Hope is necessary.   Caring is everything.

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Wonderful Window Jewels…

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Kimberley has done it again!

This time she has created some beautiful strings of knotted semi precious gemstone and spun Italian glass beads ending in a facetted crystal sphere. If you hang one of these beauties in your window it will catch the sunshine and burst it into a myriad of rainbows on the walls and ceiling of your room. I have one in the kitchen window and it magically catches and splashes colours of the late afternoon sun all over the walls. It makes my heart sing!

Kimberley has put these beauties for sale in the yoga studio. Many lucky folk will be gifted one of these window jewels for Christmas. You can also buy on-0nline if you choose.

Thanks you to all who have purchased one. Thanks to you, Kimberley, for your generous, creative, caring heart. You can be sure that all the proceeds from sales will go directly to The Candles for food and supplies over their holiday month from school.

Enjoy a merry time with your family and friends in this wonderful season of celebration and the solstice, the gentle return of the light.

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