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More Joy…

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2 candles, 2 smiles, 2 cowsOne more day closer to their return to Primary School…the Candles, Malick and Musiime, are all smiles.

Faziri and Shadihu will return to High School.The High School Boys

All the Candles  are all growing bigger, healthier, happier and definitely smarter!

SEEK JOY!   Find YOUR bliss!

Hope is necessary. Help is beautiful. Caring is everything.

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Big smiles…

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The Candles are beaming BIG smiles these days. They are all feeling hale and hearty. And they will return to school at the beginning of February. All good thingscute group of candles to smile about.

What’s your reason for smiling today? Do we actually need a reason? Smiles are free, easy and powerful!

Hope is necessary. Help is beautiful. Caring is everything.

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Thank you, Peace Practice….

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studio06Tonight yogis gathered at the studio for the first Peace Practice of 2013. It was a beautiful way to begin the New Year, practicing together to create peace within ourselves and in the world.

Peace Practice is a lovely way to give back for all the privilege and abundance that we enjoy as yogis in our beautiful studio guided by our wonderful teacher Kelly in the tradition of BKS Iyengar. Peace Practice aumhas been an essential part of the yoga menu of classes offered at our studio for over 10 years. It is my personal favourite class.

At the end of this evening’s practice,  the name of the recipient of our collective donation was drawn. It went to The Candles, our little family of 18 orphans in SW Uganda. Again we have been gifted support when we REALLY need it. Our oldest girl candle, Amidah is 23. She is just finishing her diploma in Community Development. She has been on holidays for the month of December in their village of Kabesheshe. She has been working with the younger ones on sustainable projects, like getting a garden going, chickens and a goat. It has been the rainy season which is good for growing beans and also mosquitoes. Sadly, Amidah has contracted malaria and typhoid. She was sent to hospital in Mbarara and then transferred to Kampala City as she was not doing well. She has since been diagnosed with HPV and cervical cancer.

Amidah smallestThis donation tonight will go towards Amidah’s medical care and expenses. We all hold Amidah in our hearts, our lovely healthy, brilliant , darling girl. Amidah has been a true leader in her family, her community. We look forward to Amidah’s complete recovery.

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Happy New Year…

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purplehoodie candleWe all join in wishing you a happy, healthy and hearty New Year.

May your 2013 be filled with moments to delight and remember!

Let the adventure begin….

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