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Our Amidah…

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Amidah and friends



We have just received this photo of Amdiah and 2 of her girlfriends.

We are so happy to see Amidah’s smiling face.

She  continues to  face some major health challenges that have made her feel very sick.

In her smiling face we can see the beginnings of the return of her energy and light.

We are grateful to her girlfriends who help to care for her. These young women are as strong as they are beautiful. Thanks also to those who are helping from here.

There is nothing quite like women caring for women.

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Spring Rains…

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UnknownSpring is coming with the rains…with plans for gardens and tomato cages!

This is the latest yogi brainchild as a fund-raiser for our kids in Uganda.

Again,  food and school school supplies are needed. And Mary-Ellen has come forward with this brilliant, practical, seasonal idea.

Thanks for taking the time to put this together for the kids,  the gardens and gardeners of Nanaimo!

Wishing you Happy gardening! Juicy toms!

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