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Mosquito nets on their way…

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More good news!images-3

Mosquito nets are on their way to Kabesheshe!

Housina is organizing to get mosquito nets in Mbarara to take home to the Candles.


We are hopeful the mozzie nets will protect our Candles from nasty nigh time nibbles from the malaria-carrying mosquitoes!

Prevention is our focus!  To have malaria-free Candles is our goal!

It is the beginning of our preventative health vision for The Candles and beyond!


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And thanks to Blessed….

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sticky-note-thank-you-thumbAnd BIG BIG BIG thanks to you, Blessed for working so hard to keep the show on the road. Your generous care and attention to your sister Amidah has brought her back to health and to home.

And thank you again and again for making sure that our 2 sick Candles in hospital in Mbarara got the treatment they needed.  They are healthy and homeward bound today too!

It has been a very hectic month.  Now we are all back on track.

We are so grateful to you, Blessed.  A strong, loving bro is such a blessing!

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Growing Up

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Growing Up

When you don’t see someone every day, it’s easy to forget that time is passing for them in the same way that it is for you.  Some recent photos that Dori has received of The Candles show just how quickly they’re growing up!  Last year we were looking at images of little children…and today we’re seeing a glimpse of the wonderful adults they will one day become.  Look at those bright faces!

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Home should be a place where we go at the end of the day, where we feel protected from the elements, safe from the worries of the world and close to those we love and share it with.

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Keep Samuel in your high beams…

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mbarara kids Blessed’s dear friend Samuel has been given yet another challenge in his young life.

His Auntie died recently of HIV/AIDS and he suddenly became father to his young nephew and niece.

Ryan is 4 and Melissa is 5. They are both positive and both very sick now.

They are in hospital in Mbarara, hours southwest of Kampala. In fact between Kampala City and The Candles’ village, Kabesheshe. Not so far as the crow flies, but a long, arduous bumpy ride on a bus or matatu.

Please keep this young family in your high beams. Please send them positive thoughts, vibes and energy for a steady recovery.

Samuel is a very sweet young man and now a hardworking sweet young daddy. He has dropped out of school to support Ryan and Melissa, using his boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) to generate a small income to maintain his new family. As this new family unit stabilizes, we hope to help Samuel complete his schooling.

Thanks for your good vibes.

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