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Get your stuff together!

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Get your stuff together!

Here is your BIG chance imagesto clear out your basement, garage, garden shed , every drawer, shelf and cupboard you have!

And bring it to Dori’s for our first COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE  on Saturday, June 22nd from 9am to 2pm.

It will be fun!


All proceeds to The Candles!


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Solstice Celebration

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We have a Solstice Celebration planned for Friday evening 4:30 to 6pm at our yoga studio.

We will celebrate and have fun.images-1

We will remember and remark on all the amazing events and quiet moments of our months together.

It has been an impressive 10 months. We are an impressive  bunch. With an especially impressive leader.

Together  we thrive.

Join us.   Namaste.

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Peace Practice….

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Friday, June 7th was the last Peace Practice at our yoga studio for this yoga year!

WOW! such a lot has happened. Such a lot of yoga.

Silence and activity. Teaching and learning.  Doing asana, breathing, meditating.                                                                                                  Aligning, balancing, flexing and strengthening. Classes, camps, workshops. Comings and goings.1

It has been a rich,rich 6 months together.

Thank you to all for your part in making our yoga community and beyond so dear, so wonderful, so much fun.

And The Candles, this time and so many other times have received the support, emotional and monetary of Peace Practice.                                  All, every single wish and cent, have given more to The Candles.  More food. More schooling, More health. More peace.


Help IS beautiful. Hope IS necessary. Caring IS everything.


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Off to school again…

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It’s that time again in Kabesheshe!helping-hands

The Candles are on their way back to school for another term!

Faziri and Shahidu are back to high school.

Study hard!

Get smart!  

Have fun!

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