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Greetings and Gratitude

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Greetings and Gratitude from The Candles.

IMG_2867We thank you all for your loving kindness.

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Peace Practice …

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Peace Practice is coming around again already! Can it be true that October is upon us?                          And the first Friday of the month comes at the end of this very week…on October 4th from 5 to 6pm at the yoga studio????  Go figure????helping-hands

And just now I am posting our thanks for receiving the collective donation from the  September 6th Peace Practice , almost a month ago.

The Candles have been so, so fortunate to be blessed with Peace Practice donations.

For them, it means there is some money for food, school uniforms, books, pencils and all the necessary things to keep a family of 16 kids going. We know  how it is to provide for our families of 1,2,3 or maybe 4 kids. How does it happen when there are 16 kids????

red heartWe all do our best to make our way.                                                                                   Thanks to  you for making the Candles’ way more comfy.



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What a guy!

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We have come to know Blessed’s housemate Brian through all the ups and downs of the past summer months. He has been an amazing friend to both Blessed and Amidah. Heroic really. He has shown such, loyalty, generosity, calm and resourcefulness.

Brian is  an inspiring example of his generation of young Ugandans, young Africans who are truly making a huge difference in their lives,  as well as the lives of their  family, community, country and our world.images-3

Brian, you leave us speechless and full of gratitude. You are something special!  something else!

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20130509_111954-1Candlepower continues to  g r o w ! And the Candles themselves are  g r o w i n g too!

They are back at primary school again with books, pencils, uniforms, shoes.

They all are sleeping under mosquitos nets now and they work! The kids are doing better. Way better in fact!  And they have full tummies again and food in the storeroom.images-2


We wish the Candles a happy, healthy, successful semester at school.

And of course, we shine a warm Thank You on everyone who helps  our Candles glow!

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Be strong, Blessed….

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Our boy, Blessed is in the skilled hands of Dr. Ruth again. He is receiving treatment for a BIG health challenge. And we have word that Blessed’s surgery has been successful!

Unknown-1The treatment has been provided to Blessed by an amazingly generous donation by an amazing family here in Nanaimo, Canada.

They have known about Blessed and our work with The Candles for a number of years….always being supportive. They stepped up to the plate in a HUGE way this time.

Thanks seems such a small word but comes with enourmous gratitude. It is also a gift to all of us to know that miracles happen. And that there are extraordinary people among us.

Wishing you a strong, speedy recovery, Blessed.

There is always someone on the planet thinking of you and sending love.

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