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Another GI~NORMOUS thank you!

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We are all so, so, so very relieved. and so very very grateful.

Another miracle in our midst.

Thanks to our most generous in~all~the world supporters, Gerry and Brenda.

They have made it possible for our dear Amidah to receive her cancer treatment.

Again and again …and now again, we  experience unbelievably willing, unconditional support and belief in giving young ones in Uganda and at home another chance for a healthy, happy, productive life!1-300x217

It give us such joy and such faith to know that there are extraordinary ordinary people in our  midst, in our world who simply and kindly share their abundance with others . Without a second thought. With eagerness to share, to help, to make a difference. It makes the heart sing and the soul rejoice!

Thank you, thank you Gerry & Brenda.

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First time users!

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At last!


We have made contact!

Shadihu and Faziri have sent their very first email ever.  And they sent it to us!   How honoured are we!

They said that they are ALWAYS together so they sent us one email from the two of them! Good idea!


Shadihu and Faziri also overcame some challenges to send their first email our way.

The internet was down at their school for days.Unknown-1

The email address they had for us was not quite right.

They had to travel to Mbarara on the weekend to get tested for HIV.

Despite all odds, we are in contact!

And this is the beginning of a new chapter in the story of The Candles.

And now the real conversation begins!
Will keep you posted!
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da boyz on-line!

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The High School BoysWe are VERY excited as we wait for our 2 high school boys to send us their first email messages.

Now that they are in the 2 senior levels of high school, Shadihu and Faziri have access to computers. And soon will be in touch with us!Unknown

We can learn lots from them. They can tell us about life at high school in Uganda. We can learn about their classes, favourite subjects, favourite after school activites. And through them we can meet their teachers and find out about their plans and dreams.

See you online, Shadihu & Faziri

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images-4As Thanksgiving comes closer, we wish you safe journeys, merry celebrations and memorable times as your tribe gathers.

We are so grateful for you and all the kindness, help and love in our world. As we are known to say:

“Help is beautiful. Hope is necessary.                              Caring is everything.”


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Gracias encore….

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Gracias encore to the yoga community!

The Candles’ were the beneficiary of the collective donation…AGAIN….from the recent Peace Practice at the studio on October 4th.

We are so, so, so lucky and equally thankful for all the support. It makes Life so much smoooother and easier.


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