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It takes a village…

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20130509_122853When the Candles gather, of course it is not  just the Candles.

Friends and neighbours always join in.

Everyone is welcome! It takes a village to raise a child!

And it is always a special occasion when their oldest, biggest, wonderful cousin, Blessed arrives with his friend, Amim.

How could we get all these lovely photos without Amim’s, steady hand, keen eye & willing heart?

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Total eclipse of the sun….

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1391562_196350433884432_788255062_nOur friend, Amim in Kampala sent this message this morning:
“First before anything!
Today we had a solar eclipse in Uganda, its is such an amazing experience.
People in Pakachi which is far from Kampala were able to see it clearly.995232_10202231225166335_830920152_n
And lots of people from different parts of Uganda who are rich  travelled to  Pakachi to see the solar eclipse better!”
Away from the city lights.
Pakachi is on the beautiful island of Zanzibar.
The solar eclipse is just another great reason to visit this beautiful, tropical piece of heaven on earth!pakachi-beach-hotel-1
And Uganda has her own beauty. She is the Pearl of Africa.
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A friend in need, is a friend indeed…

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We have been blessed by the unwavering, faithful help of a true friend in Kampala. He is an old friend of Blessed’s and Amidah’s.  And a new friend to us.images

He is young, but wise and loyal to the core. He has been going back and forth between Amidah’s and Blessed’s bedsides at the hospital for the past weeks.

As many know, meals are  not served to hospital patients in Uganda. He has been doing this for our twins. He keeps them company, offers encouragement and keeps us in the loop.

Where would we be without his unending care?20130509_102725-1

No where. In unhappy places is the simple truth.

For his courage and companionship in the most difficult of times, we are indebted forever.

He is our hero. He is our dear friend. He is Amim.


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Our 4 Girl Candles!!!!

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Ahhh! Look!

Amim sent us some new photos today.

Here are our 4 girl Candles: Asyati, Royis, Marion, Susan.

How lovely  are they???

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Everything and nothing…

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Everything and nothing happened last night at Peace Practice.23174015-burning-candles-and-black-background

The amazing but predictable, magical phenomena of restorative yoga brings the dynamic silence of repose in asana poses.

The first Friday evening of November arrived on the 1st, so we assembled to do gentle, powerful restorative yoga togeher.

The depth of peace and relaxation without exertion was palpable and welcomed by all.


yogis assembled

candleglow of the studio

deep, deep peace arrives


And many thanks from The Candles, the fortunate recipient of the Peace Practice donation.

images-2There is much peace in our hearts as our dear Amidah has received the surgery and treatment necessary for her youthful life to restore and rebound. Soon to celebrate her 24th birthday, she is the matriarch of her family of 16 younger cousins.


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