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Double happiness…

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Yes! Double happiness.

Our twins are turning 24!

Yes….Amidah and Bless will celebrate their champagne birthdays! images                                                           They will be 24 years old on the 24th of December!

What a Christmas gift they were to their Mama Margaret when they were born on Christmas Eve. An auspicious day. Two awesome babies. And wouldn’t Mama Margaret be so happy and proud see how her twin babies have grown to be such mature, courageous, brilliant, compassionate adults. She would love them as much as adults as she did when they were babes! She would be a proud, happy mama.

We love them to bits too. We are happy they are healthy and strong again. We are happy they have bright futures ahead.

Go ahead and make your birthday wishes knowing that you can work to make them come true!

We toast your health, your success, your dreams! Congratulations times 2!

Bravo, Amidah!  Bravo, Blessed!

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Good luck, Blessed!

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We wish you very good luck and a speedy recovery, Blessed, as you go into your third and final chemo treament!

It is the end of one chapter in your life and the beginning of another.Unknown

It is a new beginning when you come home on the 24th.

It is a a birthday gift!  Maybe not packaged like you imgained. But what a gift to begin anew. To recreate your life cancer-free.

You go for it, Blessed. You know what to do.

We are with you every step of the way!

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Great good news!

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We have great good news to share….

Blessed has received a grant from an NGO images-4in The Netherlands to do a pilot project in his village of Kabesheshe where The Candles live. It  will be small project that is a first, important step towards sustainability.

This has been our dream. We have held the vision of supporting The Candles and other children in their village to enjoy a healthy, sustainable  life and the opportunity to make choices to fulfill their hopes and dreams.

The project will begin with consultation with villagers and their leaders. Our vision is to begin with small projects to positively effect the lives of child-led households and widows.We will blend our ideas. We will lead from behind.

This grant is an opportunity to begin to make a real difference in their world. Based on its success , more support is possible to upscale and expand the work. It is the stuff or dreams come true. It is a real Christmas present!

Blessed goes in for his third nd final chemo treatment on the evening of the 21st. He says this project gives him a focus that will help him remain positive as he recovers from  his chemo treatment. Visions of success and happiness will positively contribute to his mindful recovery management.


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We wish you peace…

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We wish you peace, Madiba.

Nelson smilingYes, the peace that you dedicated your life to creating in the South Africa and throughout the world.

May you rest in this peace knowing the love and respect that surrounds you. Knowing the countless lives you have touched, inspired, improved.

You made the impossible possible. You taught that we can too.

You showed that the head & heart is a formidable combination. You showed that we can too.

You befriended your enemies. We can too.07001137

Your chose forgiveness over revenge. Love over malice. We can choose them too.

Thank you, Nelson Mandela.

We thank you. We love you. We shall do our best, like you with tremendous courage and compassion.

Hamba Kahle, Madiba!

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Thank you, Can~Revers!

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At our yoga studio, we have an amazing class called, The Cancer Recovery Yoga Class. It is especially for folk experiencing cancer, in treatment, recovery or remission plus their families and friends.

It is a place of refuge, comfort, camaraderie and safety.

Together we practice gentle, restorative yoga, meditation and breathing practice. Weekly class fees are gathered and donated to organizations like The Hospice, BC Cancer Agency, guest speakers. It is also used for members to go to courses.

Last week, while I away the CanRevers decided to make a very generous donation to The Candles!1-300x217

BRAVO! Thank you so so much!

There is always need and more work to be done with our HIV orphan project in Uganda. We do our best to provide schooling, food clothing, shelter and health care for this family of 18 orphans. We call them The Candles. In the new year, I will travel to Uganda to spend time with them. Let their little lights shine!

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