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In your high beams…

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Our pal Amim submitted his tuition to the accountant at his college today.

Actually it is 3/4 of his full tuition. We are hoping, with fingers AND toes crossed, that it will be enough to get him started. Please add your positive energy to ours.

Amim has been an incredibly wonderful friend to Blessed, Amidah, Shahidu and all of The Candles.
20140116_175116Over the past months when one or two or even three  of The Candles were in hospital, Amim was there. Running from ward to ward. Hospital to hospital. Kampala to Mbarara to Kampala. Nowhere can            a kinder, more loyal friend be found.

And now at last, it is Amim’s turn. His turn to return to classes.

Amim has had some very tough times of late.                                                At Christmas his mum died of HIV/AIDS and an opportunistic breast cancer.

Now Amim is alone. Shunned by his family in his village, they say he is a curse on them. They say he brings shame on the village because they believe he MUST also be HIV positive like his mum was.               Not true, but it is what they choose to believe. We can only imagine how he feels.

We are Amim’s family now. We are proud and happy to have him with us.images

Please join us in celebrating this fine young man and wishing all good luck as he begins this new chapter of his life. Sadly, characteristic of life in Uganda. In Africa. But it is young ones like Amim, that will be the change . Amim is precious to us. And even more precious to his country.

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