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I can’t wait….

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Here is some short news today from Blessed in Kampala…


I had a long day with Amidah clearing and picking her graduation gown.
Amidah’s graduation is all cleared waiting for the Friday.
Although she is my twin, I will be her parent  seated with her and together with other students.
I can’t wait !
We can’t wait wither.
It will be a momentous, historic day in our Ugandan family.
Like us, all The Candles in the village will be jumping and dancing in celebration!
It has been a long, arduous journey to graduation for Amidah, she did it!
We wish her a healthy, happy,  fulfilling future!
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8 more days…

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8 more days til graduation!

Amidah has paid her grad fees and will be capped and gowned on the 28th.

Amidah was able to pay her grad fees thanks to money raised by our latest project: greeting cards. Greetings deftly  designed and donated by my nephew Nick Brancati. He is a grapic designer and collage artist  of great creativity and growing reknown in the Vancouver area. Nick is very talented and designed these cards specifically to  help The Candles.He is so very generous to support The Candles with his art. We love it and so do many. We began with a Valentine’s inspired card with Shakespeare sonnets and Beatle lyrics in the background and a stylized owl superinposed. It is handsome and artful. Great for Valentines and almost any other occassion.

And now we have another series of 6 owls cards. Another batch has hatched and fledged. They are very adorable, comical and colourful owlets, enjoyed and applauded by many. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. And as a result on the faces of our Candles in Uganda.IMG_3040

100% of sales of these cards go directly to our Candles.

Wow! Thanks, Nick.

And of course, thanks to our art-loving supporters. Isn’t it amazing how the sale of greeting cards can make a wonderful difference in a young woman’s life!


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Graduation Day approaches…

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Yes! Soon. Very soon.

On February 28th,  it’s Graduation Day. And we will have our first post secondary graduate.

It’s Amidah, our oldest girl Candle! It is so cool that she is not only a graduate but also a promising young woman.Cap-and-Rolled-Diploma

At 24, Amidah has become the matriarch of her family of orphaned cousins. With her study & training in Community Development, we have high hopes that Amidah will be able to positively influence the quality of life of her 16 younger cousins and her village, Kabesheshe.

Amidah has travelled a long dusty, road to receive her diploma.

We first met Amidah as a junior high school student. She was struggling to stay in school because of the fees. Her grandmother died and there was no more support. What to do? Luckily her twin brother, Blessed was finishing up his high school work in Kampala City. He and I had made contact a couple of years before. He asked on behalf of Amidah if I might be able to also sponsor his twin sister to finish her high school education. There was only one answer. Yes, I will try.

Easier said than done.

Amidah did well in her classes. She graduated from high school and came to Kampala to go to college, to study Community Development, to earn her diploma. She lived in a dorm room with 7 other girls. She had a part-time job that paid for her  food and a little pocket money. All was going swimmingly until December 2012 when we was given a diagnosis of cervical cancer. Yes, cervical cancer at the tender age of 22. Cervical cancer is not uncommon in Uganda where PAP tests are available but are little known. Amidah and her girls friends had no clue about them. But now they do.     As it is becomes known among her friends and beyond, the info slowly spreads. There is strong social stigma that accompanies cancer and cervical cancer. Lack of education and information fuels fear.      Such is another example of the state of public health in Uganda.

We have mustered up money to send for Amidah’s grad fees which include, transcripts, diploma, cap & gown. We will certainly celebrate Amidah on the 28th.



You have worked so hard and overcome so many obstacles.
We are so proud of you, Amidah. We are happy for you and all of Uganda!


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First week complete…

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Yes! it is amazing how it all comes together . Many hearts make light work!

Amim has finished his first week back at classes!

He has had some catching up to do as he was late by a few days while we were trying to get his full tuition together. UnknownApparently there is a new hard-nosed administrator at the college who has  everyone shaking in their shoes. He has rules. Unbending rules. He refused to take ANYTHING  but full tuition. The kindly college accountant had offered Amim the possibility of a different arrangement for payment by instalments, but she was rebuffed by her boss!

All that is behind him now. Amim is happy, happy, happy to be back to his studies. He is so busy that he hasn’t checked in yet, but promises to as his weekend provides him some breathing space. He hopes!

Thanks to all who gave to support Amim’s return to class, to  his future.

If I were a betting sort of girl, I’d put my money on Amim! He will succeed. He will make a difference.


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