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Nets. Testing. Boost.

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The Candles are on  track again!

Recently the HIV positive Candles made the long trip to Mbarara.

Their destination was the clinic where the kids had their CD4 counts taken and their arvs replenished.

They also received their soya boosts to give their immune systems a lift.

The children must come to the clinic monthly or their names will fall off the list as there are so many. many. many others waiting for treatment.


imagesAnd  new mosquito nets were purchased for all The Candles, including the 2 high school boys Faziri and Shahidu.

It is our cheapest, easiest, most available, strategy for malaria prevention.

Fewer bites. Fewer chances of infection.

The real problem is clean water.

Mosquitoes love stagnant water. It means double trouble.

As mosquitos drink then bite, they transmit both malaria AND typhoid, a water born disease.

Nets have proven to be a BIG help.

On our shoestring budget, it is our best bet.

We count on nets to keep The Candles healthy. It is our prevention strategy.

Thanks for all recent donations that have gone to preventative healthcare for The Candles.

Less money spent on health emergencies, means more for education and food.



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Job search is on…

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Amidah’s s graduation is over, now her job search has begun.images

She has put out a number of resumes.

Amidah is waiting on the answer from her first employer on her first real job.

She is eagerly waiting.

We know she would be an excellent employee. She has the skills. She has the commitment.

We wish you VERY good luck, Amidah.

Please tell us the good news a soon as you hear!!

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