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Good job!

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Amidah has been working at her new job for almost 2 months now.

Her consulting company is based in Kampala City but teams go out to work in various areas of                the country.

Amidah has been away for a few weeks working with her team. She is very busy and involved with her work. She loves it and we are sure they love Amidah!

Amidah is ,of course, getting a salary now from her job. images-1With her salary she is able to live independently and to help her family. This month Amidah covered the cost of medicine for two of her younger cousins in the village. And she was able to pay the entire rent this month. Her roommate was unable to pay , so Amidah covered it. Her friend  was a HUGE help when Amidah was in hospital last year. In fact, her roommate saved Amidah’s life. It is wonderful that Amidah can repay her friend now for the enormous kindness shown to her in the past.

Money is like that. It is energy that moves and cycles between friends, family and even strangers wherever the need arises.

Amidah is taking the first steps towards sustainability for herself and her family. She is leading the way!

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New roof…

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It’s the rainy season in Uganda. And Kabesheshe Village is getting lots of rain. Really lots. The other night it rained so  hard that The Candles’ house flooded.


The Candles’ house is an old one. 167010_10150110968912526_6287948_nIt is okay  in the dry season, but in the rainy season it is at risk of leaking, flooding and falling down. And in the heavy rains the other night it happened. Seriously. If the roof was not fixed quickly, the bricks would get soggy and walls would collapse.

Good thing that Amidah was visiting. She got on top of it right away.       The situation and the roof!

She made her way to the closest internet access and emailed us. We scrambled to get money together to send for enough iron sheets to recover the roof…before walls started weakening and falling down!

And yes! we found some cash and sent it off.

Now we are waiting for the situation to settle and get news that the Candles are dry again.

No more raindrops falling on their  heads!

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