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Royce Akampulira, 12 years old

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It is very sad news.

Our sweet girl Royce Akampulira died today.

She was in hospital in Mbarara with our brave dear Amidah beside her. Her doctors were trying to figure out exactly what was happening. Why Royce was not responding to treatment for the snake bite? The answer did not come quickly enough. They did their best. We did ours. Sadly sometimes best is just not enough. Not meant to be.20130509_122627-1

The Candles in the village are all deeply saddened by the death of their cousin, Royce. She was one of the oldest at home. She had just written her P7 exams. She was waiting for results and to see what the next step in her future would hold.

I have lit a candle for Royce. May she know how much she is loved and missed. And how she happily touched her family, friends, teachers and classmates.

We love you, Royce. We will remember and follow your example in Life!

We have 4 young girl Candles at home in the village. In the photo Royce (in blue) is with her bestie, Asia (in white) and her younger cousins, Lira (in orange) and little Catherine in pink. Of course, it will be VERY hard for The Candles to be without Royce. How could they not? They will carry her spirit forward in their hard work and studies.

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Pray for Royce…

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thOur girl Royce has taken a very bad turn for the worse.

Poor thing cannot walk, talk or even recognize faces  She is being taken to hospital in Mbarara the local clinics and hospital can do nothing more for her.

We are all very worried. We are doing our best to stay positive and send her all light and love. Please join us in praying for Royce’s return to health.


Royce is young. She is 12. May her youth, strong will to live plus expert medical care bring her back to health.



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Educator and leader…

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Our Amidah grew up in Kabesheshe and now is turning into a leader not only in her family but also in her village.

FB_IMG_1444663825117-1Amidah has been meeting informally with village women to talk. To talk about women’s issues. She gives them information about women’s health: HIV aids, birth control, feminine hygiene to name a few.

The village women look to Amidah as a leader. She has experience beyond the village. Experience that many women young and older haven’t had. Experience that Amidah is willing to share about her struggles and triumphs. She informs, inspires, empowers the women in her village.

FB_IMG_1444667225215Amidah has a college diploma in Community Development. She has training to identify opportunities and needs for program development to better life for women in her village. These women know Amidah. They have watched her grow up and leave the village for further education, training and career. They have also seen her return to help her family, to become the matriarch. They like what they see in Amidah. They trust her.

Amidah now is exploring writing proposals and seeking start up funding to get some of her ideas for improvement off the ground. We  encourage Amidah and look forward to her continuing success.

Amidah is an amazing success story. We are very proud of her. From a little girl growing up in Kabesheshe,  she has grown into a community leader.

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S5 exams ahead…

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Our oldest boy Candle in school is Shahidu. He is almost through his Senior 5 year at St Mary’s Kitende, not far from Kampala. He is studying hard because he will soon face his final exams and hopes to go on to Senior 6.Shadihu

Shahidu is studying far away from home, in residence with many other students who have very different backgrounds. Many of his classmates are city kids, familiar with pop culture,  and technology.  Shahidu is the opposite. He grew up, an orphan in a small village in remote S.W. Uganda near the Rwandan border. Shahidu does not own a mobile phone or SHAHIDU2015laptop or go on social media. He has had many cultural, social, and technological challenges to face and overcome. Shahidu has shown himself to be a strong student and so bullying has turned to respect.

Shahidu has found good friends in John, Mohamed and Jolly. And he’s becoming familiar with computers and their applications for research and communication. We received his very first email ever this year! What a joy to see our young boy becoming a fine young man.

Shahidu is studying agricultural sciences. He plans to be a great farmer one day. Uganda and the world need to farm smarter. Shahidu is our man! He will return home after writing his final exams  and jump into a leadership role in the JEMBE project…a family garden project to build sustainability around food production. The kids go to school and to the garden to work daily. They are learning many important life skills. They are learning how to feed themselves, work cooperatively, accept responsibility. And perhaps most of all, the kids are learning that it is their own hard work that brings their success. Their hard work will take them places in their lives and they know it!

Good luck with your final exams, Shahidu. You are a great role model for your younger cousins. Enjoy your upcoming holidays! You and your best pal Faziri will soon be home together again!

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Christmas is coming…

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Christmas IS coming and so is the 2015 series of 8 new Christmas cardsPhoto on 2015-11-15 at 10.23 AM from our designer friend Nick of Nicholas Brancati Studios.

As you might know, Nick has designed many cards exclusively for The Candles. We sell the cards in several venues about town. Nick’s cards are well received. His cards have many loyal fans  here. He has many new and retuning customers.

These cards are called Cards with Heart, as you will find hearts in all of Nick’s designs. You will also find how Nick loves to play with words in his cards, so along with animals and hearts there is a pun in the message of each card.

Nick has also designed a series of African and Canadian animal cards for The Candles as well as some for special occasions, like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, baby congratulations.

Photo on 2015-11-15 at 10.46 AMWe hope that many of our loyal fans and some new ones will enjoy and buy Nick’s cards to benefit our Candles. 100% of the sales of these cards go to our family of 18 HIV orphans who live in Kabesheshe Village is SW Uganda. Nick takes NO money for his designs. He offers them freely for the benefit of our kids. Card by card The Candles eat, go to school, receive medical care. It is a huge gesture of support and compassion for kids he has never met. Nick and his cards are making a HUGE difference in these young lives!

Thank you, Nick….and Happy Winter Holidays to all!

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