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Warm Wishes for a Happy Holiday!

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Unknown-1The Candles wish you all a HAPPY HEALTHY HEARTY holidays!
We hope that you have had fulfilling festive time with family and friends.

It has been a very eventful year with many amazing achievements. We have much to be grateful for as so much has been made possible by the generosity of others.Unknown

JEMBE, the Candles’ garden/sustainable food production project began and yielded one harvest. The bean crop was excellent. Not so great for the maize, It enjoyed by neighbouring cows. The pea and groundnut harvest was compromised by the rains. However, during the holidays, Shahidu has taken a leadership role in the garden applying his studies in agricultural sciences. He is making improvements based on informed choices in crop rotation as well as drainage to manage heavy rains.

In school, we have have Shahidu ready to begin his Senior 6 year and Faziri to begin Senior 5. Asia & Edi are ready to begin Senior 1, leaving 9 in Primary School in the village. All this success is evidence of dedicated study. The only downside is the older the kids, the higher the tuition costs. Amidah has been counselling the Candles to open their eyes and minds to more choices including trades like solar technology, computer technology, sewing/tailoring, farming, mechanics, building/woodworking.

Amidah has spent the past months at home in the village with The Candles. She has been using her knowledge/study of Community Development, to do great work within the family as well as with the women in the village. The Candles are learning to be more organized, independent and accountable in their roles and contributions in the family, in the garden and at school. Amidah has also been meeting with the women in the village discussing health and other issues.

UnknownAs life happens everywhere, life in rural Africa presents challenge after challenge. We have had some major health problems that because of generous donations have been met with medical care & treatment otherwise unavailable & unaffordable for kids living so far away from medical centres.

We finish 2105 with  tremendous thanks to you  & best wishes for a bright, beautiful 2016 for all!

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