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A fence!

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Yes! now we have a fence!

Shahidu has been home for school holidays and has been leading the Candles in JEMBE, our sustainable food production project. He assessed the first JEMBE to see what went well and what needed improvement. We harvested lots of beans but the maize was enjoyed by neighbouring cows.05-22-15-Uganda3-307x460

Shahidu recommended a fence to keep out the cows and secure the harvest. A good strong barbed wire fence.

He bartered and organized for barbed wire to come from Ntungamo. And with the help of 2 hired labourers built the fence before leaving to return to begin Senior 6 classes at St. Mary’s Kitende  on Monday.

Now JEMBE 2 is cow-proof. The seedling avocado, orange and mango trees can grow in peace. The pumpkins can spread and grow round and fat. The cassava and sweet potatoes can grow big and sweet.

Thanks for all your leadership and hard work, Shahidu. You accomplished so much for the family and with your younger cousins over the holidays.

We wish you an amazing first term in Senior 6. We know that you will make us proud of you at school as at home. You are an amazing young man.

Thank you. Thank you. And best, best luck to you, Shahidu.

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We have discovered a wonderful initiative in Uganda and beyond.

It is AFRIpads.

AFRIpads Ltd. is a social business in Uganda that specializes in the local manufacture and global supply of cost-effective, reusable sanitary pads.  Co-founders are Paul and Sophie from CANADA!
AFRIpads provide women and girls with a sustainable solution for managing their periods with comfort and dignity. Made in Uganda – by women, for women, with love!

our-customers-page-1Millions of girls in Africa skip up to one school day out of five. One reason: Many can’t afford or don’t have access to the sanitary products they need when they menstruate. As a result, 1/10 drop out of school .

AFRIpads Menstrual Kits are made from high-performance textiles and provide effective protection for 12+ months (menstrual cycles), making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution.  The design is an “all-in-one” pad that buttons securely into a pair of underwear. After use, the pad folds conveniently for easy storage before washing.  AFRIpads are ultra-absorbent, natural and unscented.

All this for $4.56 CDN…such a deal!

What an affordable way to help our sisters in Uganda! Get on board!

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Underway in 2016 !

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Can you believe that we are halfway into January!
Things are happening in the village!

Shahidu is leading the kids in the garden. The land is prepped and ready for the second seeding. Careful planning is underway as drought is expected. Shahidu is consulting with the experienced farmers in the village about the best drought resistant cropsUnknown and water catchment. The kids have an extra month to work the garden as return to school is delayed a month because of the elections….go figure???

We have two P7s who are waiting to get their leaving exam results and start high school. Asia wants to study to be a great lawyer. She will  go to a girls’ school so she can shine, shine, shine!
Edi is looking at becoming a mechanical engineer who can fix and innovate all things mechanical. A handy guy to have around who also will have a practical and important impact on peoples’ lives.

africa_artShahidu and Faziri also await their S5 and S4 exam results. Shahidu is living his dream of becoming a great farmer. He is using his his agricultural sciences studies right here, right now in the family sustainable food production garden, JEMBE.
Faziri.wants to be a leader in his community. He will begin his dream by becoming a teacher. From his classroom he can lead many students to sustainable lives. Faziri also loves art…another talent to offer his future students!

2016 is indeed well underway in Kabesheshe!

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