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2 true friends..

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“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”

Our family is blessed with 2 amazing friends who are taking such sweet care of our bro in ICU!

images-1Although we are far away, we are comforted that he has 2 true, loyal friends.

He is never alone.

One is always by his side.

Thank you, Nice. Thank you, Mackline.

You are absolute angels!

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Relax with an eye pillow…

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Want to relax more deeply? Try an eye pillow.

I have made 20 eye pillows in brilliant, beautiful high quality cotton. They are filled with organic flax seeds.

Photo on 2016-04-15 at 11.13 AMEye pillows feel soothing when placed on your eyes  during the classic, restorative yoga pose, savasana.  Or when laying on your back resting at home… or anywhere.

Some of these eye pillows will be used in the Iyengar yoga studio, Bend Over Backwards here in Nanaimo, BC.  The yoga studio supports our Candles Project. Other yogis will purchase and use one of these eye pillows in their home yoga  practice.

100% of eye pillow sales go directly to our Candles, our family of 18 HIV orphan kids in S.W. Uganda. Every single cent goes to the kids. Nothing is siphoned off for administrative fees.

The money buys seeds for the sustainable garden project, called JEMBE. It also pays transport for the kids to and fro the HIV clinic where their CD4 counts are done and ARVs dispensed. Sadly the program formerly providing soy supplements to boost their immune systems has been cancelled by the recently re-elected government. We also pay school fees. We have 12 kids in Primary School, 2 in high school and 2 in sundry school. The high school students must stay in residence as there is no such school in or near their village. Our 3 oldest Candles now finished their post secondary studies, contribute monthly to the tuition of the younger kids still in school.

Who ever thought an eye pillow could make all that happen? Try one. Bet you’ll like it!

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Sad days…

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These are sad, difficult days.

We are doing our best to remain hopeful, positive, supportive.

Our dearest, oldest Candle is extremely ill. He ‘s been in ICU for what seems a very long time. His case is very complicated.

We are holding him in our hearts and warm embrace. Many hands in many places in the world are holding and supporting him so he may find his way back to health.

He has a strong spirit and has overcome many many obstacles in his young years. He is somewhat of a miracle….. and a warrior. He has touched many lives personally and professionally with his compassionate heart and desire to make  individual lives and the world a better place.

Please join us in beaming light, love, strength and courage to our dear Candle.helping-hands

He is the reason that this entire project began. He is the reason it has expanded and now supports 18 HIV orphans to lead better, stronger, healthier lives with opportunities to go to school. He has mentored them to work hard and know they can achieve their dreams if they stay the course, cherish their opportunity and be the best they can be.

As he has developed his career working with less fortunate youth at risk, he has saved from his salary to support the younger ones who are coming up. He contributes to their school fees in an important way. He is a convincing role model and a natural leader.

We love you, Muzeyi. You bless many with your leadership, loving kindness and love of life.

You are receiving more blessings of hope, courage, love, and strength than you can ever imagine.

And all gratitude to loving, loyal friends who are providing company and care. Thank you. Thank you.

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