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Brilliant life…

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We are sorry say to say that our oldest Candle died recently in Botswana.

Blessed lived a short, but brilliant life.
He touched and bettered the lives of so

Blessed had a way, a gift with people: kind, compassionate, nonjudgemental.
His family, his friends, his colleagues,… they all loved and admired him deeply.
He won their trust and their love.
Blessed worked to restore health, security, skills and self esteem to many young people at risk.
He was wise for his years.

Always strong in spirit, Blessed bravely faced and overcame many big, life challenges.
He unconditionally loved his family most of all.
He was proud of their hard work and accomplishments at home and at school.

His sister, his bro and younger cousins will be ever inspired and enriched by Blessed’s gift
to them of endless encouragement, love and hope.

Thank you. Thank you , Blessed.
Your name is exactly who you are!

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Tremendous Thanks for Term2

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images-2Thanks to all you supported the Candles’ return to school for Term 2.
Many wonderful folks made this happen.

We had a very successful plant sale at the yoga studio….$250+.
And a tremendously successful yard sale, $600 and change…. thanks to many great contributions as well a excellent volunteers who stood up to the end!
Plus still others who generously dug into their pockets!

Now our oldest in school, Shahidu is one more semester close to secondary school graduation with a university scholarship for further studies in agricultural sciences on his radar.

Focusing more now on vocational training, Edi is our first. He is beginning his second term in training to be a mechanic.
Asia will begin a program to become a seamstress in February 2017.
Our intention is to skill up some Candles to make them employable with an eye to starting family businesses
employing their younger cousins!

Self-reliance and sustainability continue to be our goals.
Step by step we move onwards in that direction!
Thanks for supporting this family!

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jambo! karibu!

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jumbo! karibu!
hello! welcome!
asante! thank you!

We are really happy to say our Candle in Kenya is at last back at work after one of Life’s long rough patches.
All things must pass.Unknown
He is so happy to be among his co-workers, his clients and safaris in the beautiful Kenyan landscapes.
He is also grateful to all the people who have been so helpful and compassionate along his journey.
We are too.
We wish you many happy trials, kiddo!

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up, up, up!

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We are happy, happy, happy to say that the initiate that our supportive retailer, Kool & Child has taken to promote the CARDS WITH ❤️ that we sell to support The Candles.
Kool & Child takes no percentage of sales. They just make our cards available to their customers as a greetings card choice.
And tell our story! Photo on 2016-05-04 at 12.34 PM
100% of sales goes directly to support our kids, The Candles.Photo on 2016-05-04 at 12.27 PM
Sales are up, up, up!
This comes at an excellent time as we have HUGE expenses for upcoming tuition and continuing medical expenses for our oldest Candle.
Stop by Kool& Child in Nanaimo and see our Cards with ❤️ as well as the best selection of quality toys for kids!
Thanks, Kool & Child…you’re more than awesome!Photo on 2016-05-04 at 12.27 PMPhoto on 2016-05-04 at 12.27 PM

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