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Jazira’s story…

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Jazira’s Story…

Our oldest, Shahidu told me that his young late cousin Jazira told him a story that changed his life.
Tell ME that story, please!
Here’s what Shahidu said:

“A few months before she died when I used to play and spend much time with Jazira. She was young, innocent and free but sometimes in pain and fragile.
My oldest cousin, Blessed had advised me to sometimes take her out, to play with her and I had a clear instructions from Blessed that I had to make sure she laughs to the core.images-2
One evening it was around 8:30pm. Jazira was collecting her washed clothes from the grass. It was dark so I followed her for safety reasons. She collected her clothes singing her little songs.
When I approached her,she quickly called my name, Shahidu! shahidu2015-225x300
Come and I’ll show you a unique star.” unknownI saw so many stars up but there was one that was moving and not in one place.

Recently I realised her story changed my life. A wise woman told me to be unique without comparing my self to anyone. Not even Baba Blessed.
And I remembered that story! That currently spoke to mel. And here is what i learned:
1. To always keeping looking out for stars. The universe has a lot to offer. I just need always have faith and keep believing.
2. Jazira’s story teaches me that at star that was moving and never had to be in one place.
I took a look at my school life. I have never failed, never repeat ed classes. And now I feel having a good feeling of going to the university. I believe that I should win a schoorlaship. So that money for my university shouldn’t come to me. Maybe it can do more developments for the family’s sustainability.
That was my little story. May be it’s funny but it is true that moving star Jazira showed me, moved me recently.”

What a lovely retelling of Jazira’s little story!
Out of the mouths of babes..
Matthew 21:16

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Primary Candles go to school…

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October 3 is back to school for our Primary Candles in Kabesheshe village.
Although primary school students in Uganda do not pay ‘school fees,’ they still need school supplies of all kinds to be allowed to enter school: books, pencils, uniforms, shoes and the allotment for teachers.
Primary School is far from free!amim
Thanks to their big bro, Amim our primary school kids have their expenses covered.
Amim puts aside money every month from his salary so he can pay for his younger cousins to go to Primary School.
Thanks, Amim. You ARE the difference between going too school….or not!

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We have a new fundraiser just getting off the ground!

We are making aids for kids who have trouble sitting still in school. Kids who have nervous systems that are wired differently. To help them feel grounded and able to be still to focus and learn, we are designing and making special sandbags.

Students lay a sandbag across their laps while they are sitting, listening, reading, writing, drawing.
1-candle-smilingThe weight of the sandbag on top of their thighs will allow those big muscles to relax. As the muscles relax, the nervous system will quieten. With a quieter nervous system, children can sit still more easily, naturally. This stillness will give children a better chance to focus on their tasks and experience success.

We have mades several prototypes that are being tried out in classrooms in Ladysmith and Nanaimo.
We are eager to get feedback from the teachers and children involved.
We want to use their input to perfecter design and then go into production.2

We see this as a win-win situation. We make KIDSandbags for happier students and teachers.
100% of sales will make our kids happy students. Our family of 18 HIV orphans are happier, healthier and have hope for their futures with the chance to go to school.
KIDSandbags for school fees. It’s a happy win-win situation!

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Give us a hand if you can…

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BIG tuitions are due soon!
TERM 3 begins for kids in Uganda on October 3rd.
It is the final term of the school year.
Kids in Primary7, Senior4 and Senior6 will writing exams.images-1
These ones are called candidates.

We have 4x Primary7 candidates among our Candles.
They need shillings now to have coaching before exams. And they will also need school supplies plus the PTA to supplement teachers’ small wages.
We have Faziri returning to Senior6. He needs tuition. And Edison is returning to mechanics at Vocational school. He need tuition too.

We are working hard to put together money for all that is needed.
We must keep these kids in school.
It is THE WAY forward to a sustainable life.
Wish us luck and please give us a hand if you can!

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New specs…

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unknown-1Shahidu has new specs!

Like many hard working students, Shahidu has been studying vey hard, reading a lot.
His eyes were tested and the doctor says he needs glasses.
Shahidu is getting used to his glasses and his eyes are happy too!

Happy reading, Shahidu!

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