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Happy Birthday, Hamidah!

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Amida.diplomaHamidah, you have grown into a capable, lovely young woman.
You have had to grow-up quickly.
You have faced many challenging situations.
You are learning you are stronger than you ever imagined.
We wish you a happy, happy 27th birthday!

It is bittersweet birthday as your twin is celebrating with you from a different place.BlessedAmidah

Not Kampala, not Gabarone but from the heavenly realms this year.
It is a different but very special celebration nonetheless.
You will always celebrate together, in new and sweet ways.

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Shahidu is a young leader in his family.
He shows promise, potential and excellence.

shahidu2015-225x300Shahidu finished his final Senior 6 exams a few weeks back and now waits for the results of his university scholarship exams.
He hopes to win a full scholarship to study Agricultural Sciences. He wants to become a great farmer.
We are all proud and very happy about that!

After exams he went back home to Kabehsehse village to rest his brains, relax with his family and oversee JEMBE, the food production garden project.

Now he is off with 4 of his cousins who have just complete Primary 7.
They are going to the site of the new food production site JEMB KABWOYA on land inherited by our Amim.
There is a house and banana plantation to be revitalized. the house is barely liveable and needs a new latrine.
The banana plantation has been cleared and replanted as well as a large field of veggies.Candles2
Much work is to be done on the house and in the fields.
The kids are keen to get at it.

They are inspired, energetic and focussed to make their land the beginning of their independent and sustainable future producing food for the family and more for market.

Thank you Shahidu, Hassifa, Ausmah, Kuziamu and Rashid.Shadihu
Grandmother Jolyy will be smiling upon you, pleased that her land is being well worked and cared for once more.
And we are excited to know about 2 things:
1. the results of the upcoming, first harvest.
2. the results of your Shahidu’s university scholarship exams!

Onwards! great things lay ahead!

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Hello Mombassa!

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Safe journeys, Amim.

Our Amim is moving to Mombassa today to setup and manage a new office. The touring company he works for is expanding and the boss chose Amim to take charge. He knows that his new office is secure in Amim’s capable hands.
A good choice we say!images

Amim is a great young man. He is dedicated, hardworking and naturally skilled working with people.
He has a personal charisma that wins hearts. He is organized, dedicated and loyal to his company and clients.
Who could be better for the job?

Amim is also courageous, moving to a new city in a new country.
He is open for adventure and building his career.unknown-6

Amim had humble beginnings. He grew up mostly on the streets of Kampala. His single mum and grandmother did their best to help him along. We were able to get him back to class and finish his college diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management.

Amim remembers his roots.
He inherited family land which is now being revitalized.
Our goal is to help the kids make it a secure, a sustainable future. Self-reliance for the family to thrive independently. And a source of dependable family income for further training, education and small business development.

Amim is dedicated to the Candles. He loves them like they were his own kids. 20130509_102725-1
Amim is like their father, as all 13 are double orphans having lost both parents to the AIDS pandemic.
Amim mentors and encourages them. He also saves monthly to pay Primary School fees for the younger ones.
He supports the older ones with pocket money and other needs while at secondary and post secondary school.
Paying it forward to the younger kids, that is our game plan.
Our school sponsorship is a bursary.
We pay now and they pay forward to offer the same educational opportunities to the younger ones who follow.

Good luck, Amim.unknown-8
Mombassa will love you just as Kampala, then Nairobi did!
New and greater success is ahead for you!

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Asiati, our pioneer.

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Asiati was our pioneer.
She was the girl candle who held most promise as a scholar, as an engineer, as a family leader.

Asia was first in her class at school. She loved school. Her classmates and teachers loved her.
Her dream was to be an engineer and provide resources so other poor girls like her would have the chance to go to school and better their lives.

At home, Asiati stepped up to be Mama to her 14 younger cousins when Mama Madina married and moved to another village.1-300x217
Asia didn’t complain. She got to work. She was vigilant, kind and encouraging to her younger cousins. She helped the positive living Candles take their meds regularly. She prepared meals, did the laundry, worked in the garden and helped with homework.
Asia did her best. Always. Asia had a strong heart, a strong body and strong dedication to her family.

Asia died of kidney disease on December 24th. She battled hard for weeks and weeks. Her young, strong body just could not defeat the disease.
We are sorry to lose Asia. We all loved her. Her schoolmates, teachers, neighbours, all the villagers came to say good bye. I
t does make us happy to think that Asia no longer suffers but enjoys peace and comfort with er bestie, Royce. The girls are together again. Forever.

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A Big Thank You

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unknown-4A late but nonetheless great MERRY thank you to all the donors and customers that bought our wares throughout the Christmas season!
And our wishes for a fulfilling 2017!

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