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Heart to Heart

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What a happy day this is.
Many of us here and in Uganda have been working hard to get our Amim the heart surgery that he needs.
Many players, like our elders, Mr Abby and Mr Robert, Shahidu, Njane and Hamidah have been working tirelessly to make this happen.
Once contacted and told the full story of Amim’s condition, his boss stepped up and brokered a deal to make the surgery happen.

We have learned many things from this difficult journey.
We learned again and again how much love and respect Amim has earned from many.
We learned our Ugandan family IS more capable than they think.
We learned that many heads ARE better than one!

This Ralph Waldo Emerson says it all:
What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies within you!

Thank you everyone who lent their heads, hands and hearts to give Amim what he deserves!

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Matinee in the Studio

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Unknown-1Saturday, Aprill 29th was the first time we invited folks to come and view a movie together in the yoga studio.
It was a rainy afternoon.
It was perfect for rooibis tea, African snacks and the movie, The Queen of Katwe.
We chose this movie as it is based on true story of a young girl, Phiona Mutesi living in Katwe, a slum of Kampala.
It tells the story and shows the life of Phiona who changes her life through the game of chess.
It also gives a window into what the lives of our orphan children, The Candles.
We can see the daily challenges they face, the conditions they live in.
Our audience enjoyed the movie and were deeply touched by what they saw and heard.
An amazing mixture of tears and laughter.MV5BNzQ0MDg2NTY4N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTk2NzU3OTE@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_

Many helped to get the studio prepared, the show on the screen and clean up afterwards.
Donations totalled $400!
A wonderful result in many ways.

It makes us think another movie matinee is worth considering.
We know the jive now!
And we know more good movies to share.
Look for upcoming posters and listen for announcements!

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Yard Sale a BIG success!

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images-1Rain or sun customers came to browse and buy at the fundraising yard sale we held on April 29th.
It was well attended and the many items for sale were donated from many in our yoga community and some folks we didn’t even know!
We couldn’t have done it without all of them…or the tireless work of our loyal and hardworking Colleen.
Great stuff and great prices from dog life jackets, to a beautiful rattan chair, electric meat grinder, electric beater, popcorn machines, tools, tool box, strawberry plants, dishes, vases, bicycle basket and lock, books, books, books.images-1

Together we got the show on the road, and afterwards collected most valuable left-overs for the next sale.
The rest was stuffed into my car and taken to a local thrift store.
There’s always another Yard Sale.
Look for us again in the summer.

The $450 raised was immediately sent and spent for medical expenses, food and transport home for Edi, Faziri, Hamidah and Shahidu.

See you in July!

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Shahidu is home!

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After surgery and a very long stay in the hospital, Shahidu is home in Kabwoya.
He is staying with Mr. Robert, the wonderful Lc in the village.

Faziri and Edi are spending their school breaks in Kabwoya with Shahidu.
It has been a very long time since the boys have been together.
They are VERY VERY happy and will be helping with work on the house and the land.

We have all waited for the day to share this news!

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