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Our Gardener

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Kakiga has become a very important member of our food production garden in Kabwoya Village.
He has worked long and hard for our family.
He and Shahidu brought in the harvest, working dawn to dusk racing against drought.

Kakiga has been loyal and caring towards our family.images-6
He has befriended Shahidu and the other kids who have come to work on the small, old house and the land. He keep his eye out for them. He watches like a father would watch his children.images-5

The first harvest is in and stored. Some was used for Amim’s funeral.
Most is left.
We are going to sell it and pay our Kakiga his long awaited wages.
Doesn’t that seem apt?
What a great way to use our first harvest.
Thanks so so much, Kakiga.
We hope you will work with us more and more.
We need you. You are a great team member!

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Final treatment!

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As it turns out, Shahidu’s second treatment for his osteomyelitis is in fact his FINAL TREATMENT!
The doctors say that his legs are progressing very well, stronger and stronger.
No more hospital stays.
A personal exercise plan.
And he is back!

This is the best news.
Legs are an important part of all our lives.images
Funny how we almost never wake up expressing gratitude for our wonderful, strong legs!

Shahidu’s life has been on hold every since a rare type of malaria carrying the bacteria for osteomyelitis took him down almost 6 months ago!

You are a fighter, Shahidu.
You hung in, even when it was very, very, very hard.
Even when you needed Hamidah to help you with everything.
You never gave up.
Never ever.
And look at you now!Unknown-3
On your way.
YES! on your way to Makerere University. Full scholarship. A whole new world.
YES Shahidu!

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Treatment #2…

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Shahidu is off to his second out patient treatment at Aga Khan hospital in Kampala City.

After writing his scholarship exams last December, he went directly the food production project in Kabwoya village.
Shahidu worked from dawn to dusk for days alongside, Kagiga the head gardener.
They had to work long hours as fast as they could to get the crops in as the weather was unusually hot, rapidly drying up the harvest. Yes. Climate change. Drought conditions.

When the beans, maize and peas were in and stored, Shahidu dropped from exhaustion.
Shortly afterwards he contracted malaria, an ever present threat.
He didn’t recover well and became very weak, unable to walk or care for himself.Unknown
Off to hospital, and diagnosed with osteomyelitis carried by bacteria in this rare type of malaria.
The bacteria attack the bones.

It has been a long period of treatment and recovery.
Shahidu has the use of his hands back but still walks on crutches.
We’re hopeful that with continued physiotherapy and bone growth, he will walk and run as he did before.

Safe journeys to Kamala, Shahidu.
Be in touch when you reach the hospital.

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Small celebration for Amim….

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I received this email from Shahidu this morning.
They have planned a small celebration at home in Kabasheshe village for Amim.
It is a chance for the young Candles to celebrate Amim as it is too far and travel too expensive for them to have gone to his funeral in Kabwoya village some days back.

In Shahidu’s words:
“Today with a few of us at home, planning to hold a small praying celebration for Amim!images-1
And of course we shall remember the members of the family that have passed away.

I left Hamidah cooking some black tea to share, and am taking back some sugar and bread.
The Candles were asked to write, or share any materials that celebrates Amim’s life.

It’s a very simple thing, we shall have the priest come over!
It will be glorious healing day.
Thought would be great to have this before leaving.

If you could be online, surely would send me something that I could read on your behalf tonight.
We shall have a few like five guests.”

Of course I sent some words to go with theirs.

These kids have seen and felt many big losses in their young lives.
It breaks their hearts, but not their spirits.
They are amazingly resilient.

We do what we can to encourage the older ones to counsel the younger ones.
Children caring for children.
It’s the sad reality of many children in sub-Saharan Africa and many other countries in the world.
Bless all their tender hearts.

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Christmas in July

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We are planning our 8th annual fundraising yard sale.
We need money to complete Shahidu’s treatment for the osteomyelitis that has infected his leg bones.

As before, the yard sale will be in my driveway.

Unknown-1For this sale we are including an element of Christmas in July.
We are busy creating some new Christmas crafts plus offering Christmas treasures to up-cycle.

It is fun and will bring some coolness to the hot summer temps ahead.

We will keep you posted of the firm date.
We are looking at Saturday, July 15th, but maybe push it ahead to the 22nd or even 29th.

Look for us on Craigslist and Kiji.

We wish you Merry Summer Days!

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