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Edi is on his way!

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Our Edi is just finishing his Term 2 exams.
He’ll head home for a couple of days and then he’s off.

th-1Edi’s off to do his internship in mechanics in Kasese in western Uganda at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains near Queen Elizabeth National Park where the mountain gorillas live. A beautiful part of Uganda.

This is a very exciting step for our family.
Edi is the first to study at a vocational school.
He is skilling up so that he can find good work and bring income not the family.
UnknownAfter some experience, Edi will likely set up his own business with several of his cousins working with him.
It is a very exciting prospect for Edi and for his family.
Edi is an important part of the way forward to a sustainable future for himself and his family.
Wahoo! Way to go, Edi!

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Another yard sale upcoming…

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Save the date!

We are having another Yard Sale in my driveway
on Saturday, August 26 from 8:30 to 12:30.

It is another fundraiser for The Candles.
Our focus is repairs to the old fallen down house and Term 3 school fees.
Our goal is $800.

Contributions of good, re-saleable goods are already coming in.Unknown
My patio is starting to fill with boxes of sale items.
My nephew is coming from the mainland to help.
My sister has made 13 jars of blackberry jam to sell.
My friend Colleen has switched work days so she can be there.

Along with all the usual tools plus household, kitchen, garden, electronic stuff there will be some delicious home made almond cookies plus succulent and perennial plants!

We have a reputation among the Nanaimo yard sale crowd.
They come back sale after sale.
They know we have great quality, great quantity and great prices!
I have a strong feeling that it is going to be another great success!
We have an awesome team.

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images-4At university?
At an institution of higher learning?
At Makerere?

YES. Sad and true.

Our boy Shahidu.
Our winner of a President’s Scholarship.
Our survivor of osteo-myelitis.
Hero and role model of his family and community.
Victim of bullying.
Discrimination against a young man who walks with a crutch and is from a village not the city.

Hard to take, but our Shahidu will persevere, overcome, prevail.

Shahidu is a leader, born leader.
Breaking ground, lighting the way.images-1
He shall overcome.
He shall show the way.

We stand beside you 200%, Shahidu.
We have your back.
We love who you are and who you will become.

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Private sittings…

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Away from jeering.
Away from mobbing.
Away from homophobic taunting and slurs.
Our boy is benefitting HUGELY private sittings for his Term 2 exams.latest01+pix

Able to read, review and study our boy is able to focus and think more clearly.
He is able to write in peace and quiet.
He is able to demonstrate what he knows.

We know that he is doing his best.
We hope that good results will allow him to regain self-confidence and self esteem.

imagesAll thanks to those here who support him.
All thanks to Auntie Hamidah for being there for hims as his sole support and tutor.
All thanks to Hamidah’s friend for her hospitality.
They are a fine, dedicated and hard working team.

Bravo! we are proud of you 2!

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New house needed…

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The Candles need a new house.
Actually a rebuild of their house that was destroyed by a flood some months back.

They have been living under the roof of a generous gentleman in the village who is a good friend of their late grandmother. They are no longer welcome as the house is too small, too crowded.
And now there is our young gay son staying there too.
Not welcome for much longer.

So we need a refuge for him. for everyone.House
To rebuild is expensive.
Too rich for our budget.

What to do?
We think it might be a good focus for our outed boy.
A purpose, a reason to continue, a feeling of being wanted and needed.
A place to belong, be free, be loved, be accepted.

We need a miracle.images
Or a number of very generous people, generous donations.
Know any?

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