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A big shout out to Christian…

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Christian is Magazi’s cousin.
He stepped up big time to help our family last week.
He is a big guy with a big heart.
He went places where we couldn’t.
He handled difficult situations with calm and composure.
Christian was rock solid for us.
He is a big guy with a big heart.
Our family owes big big thanks to Christian.

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Bless you Uncle!

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Magazine received very sad news this morning.
His favourite uncle had passed away.
It is always tough news to hear. It is never easy to learn you have lost a loved one.

Magazi is still recovering from illness. He’s naturally upset he cannot go to the village for his uncle’s funeral.
We know that Uncle will not be upset but rather glad that Magazi is looking after his own situation so that he can resume his healthy active life.

I think that Uncle and Magazi have a lot in common.
Two great men with bright spirits and compassionate hearts.
Find peace and comfort, Uncle.
How can you not be missed, Uncle?
It is testimony to how much love you earned here on Earth with us.
We are blessed to have you in the family, Uncle.

Recently I heard it said that we die twice. Once when the body dies and again when our name is not spoken again. Uncle’s name will always be spoken in stories and memories. He will forever live on in his family members, friends and colleague.

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Raise a roof

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We’re busy busy busy raising money so we can raise the roof on The Candles’s new little house.

So far there are 4 walls, 1 door and 1 window.

Mr Abby our great family friend and Local Councilman has been directing the rebuild.

Our goal is to be finished before the beginning of December at the latest.
And the sooner the better!

All donations are welcome big or small!

Cant wait to be able to post a photo of the new house with a fine roof of iron sheets.
Maybe it will look a bit like the photo above!

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1000s of Candles

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Edi is on his way!

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Our Edi is just finishing his Term 2 exams.
He’ll head home for a couple of days and then he’s off.

th-1Edi’s off to do his internship in mechanics in Kasese in western Uganda at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains near Queen Elizabeth National Park where the mountain gorillas live. A beautiful part of Uganda.

This is a very exciting step for our family.
Edi is the first to study at a vocational school.
He is skilling up so that he can find good work and bring income not the family.
UnknownAfter some experience, Edi will likely set up his own business with several of his cousins working with him.
It is a very exciting prospect for Edi and for his family.
Edi is an important part of the way forward to a sustainable future for himself and his family.
Wahoo! Way to go, Edi!

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