Bless you Uncle!

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Magazine received very sad news this morning.
His favourite uncle had passed away.
It is always tough news to hear. It is never easy to learn you have lost a loved one.

Magazi is still recovering from illness. He’s naturally upset he cannot go to the village for his uncle’s funeral.
We know that Uncle will not be upset but rather glad that Magazi is looking after his own situation so that he can resume his healthy active life.

I think that Uncle and Magazi have a lot in common.
Two great men with bright spirits and compassionate hearts.
Find peace and comfort, Uncle.
How can you not be missed, Uncle?
It is testimony to how much love you earned here on Earth with us.
We are blessed to have you in the family, Uncle.

Recently I heard it said that we die twice. Once when the body dies and again when our name is not spoken again. Uncle’s name will always be spoken in stories and memories. He will forever live on in his family members, friends and colleague.

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