Another Movie Matinee…

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We are planning another movie matinee in the new yoga studio.
Another fundraiser for The Candles.

We want to raise money for repairing the Candles’ old, crumbling houses. First the old house in Kabasheshe Village first which was taken out in a flood earlier this Spring then th small house left by Amim’s Jaja in Kabwoya.

We are thinking to show the fabulous movie directed by Amma Asante of the freedom movement in Botswana.
Freedom from the colonial grip of Great Britain, just as apartheid was taking hold in South Africa.Unknown-2
It is another awesome movie starring David Oyelowo.

We’ll give more details as they come.
Keep a weather eye out.
There will be African snacks again.

See you at the movies!

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Eyes on the prize

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It is very, very exciting!

It is Term 3 : Senior 6.
Our Shahidu is back in class. He is beginning his final term in secondary school.
He will write university scholarship exams in late November.
He will win. His teachers all agree.
SHAHIDU2015He has his eyes on the prize!
Thanks to the sport of many, Shahidu is living his dream! unknown

Shahidu is not just making a huge difference in his own life. His young cousins are watching and listening closely.
Their lives and their family’s life are all touched by the success story called Shahidu!
Here on Vancouver Island we all are impressed with the determination, handwork and brilliance of this young man.
Keep your eyes on the prize, Shahidu!

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New Friends…

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On the weekend, I had so much fun. With my sister and nephew I went to a BIG craft fair called       Make It Vancouver. Over the four days at the fair I encountered so much creativity, beauty, fun and camaraderie.

One special person I met is Anne~Marie. She makes dolls. Beautiful dolls that call to you to hold and cuddle them.

IMG_2938These dolls are totally handmade with love. All the fabrics Anne~Marie uses are connected to her life. Her grandmother’s ribbon and lace. Her sister’s dress. Fabrics you choose for your doll. All combine to create these loveable dolls. Anne~Marie embroiders each doll with the name chosen by the owner.

You can imagine how popular these dolls were at the craft fair. Children, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles all fell in love with them. So much love will burst out of children’s hearts as they open their dollies on Christmas morning. Love that travels near and far. Already to Australia, to Europe and now to Africa.

I began chatting with Anne~Marie and told her about The Candles. She was touched. She understood. IMG_2937She offered to make a few dolls for me to take to share with The Candles and other  orphaned children when I travel to Uganda in the New Year. I can’t wait to give the dolls away. I promised Anne~Marie I would send her photos. What a lovely connection. A lovely new friend. A kindred spirit.

Merci, Anne~Marie!

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a time for renewal.

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As Easter weekend approaches, I can’t help but notice that the world doesn’t seem to agree with the standard calendar. Way back in January, I remember wondering why we celebrate the new year in the cold darkness when the rest of the earth’s creatures beg to differ.

New green shoots are sprouting up everywhere, the birds are pairing up in trembling flutters of wings, and the bugs and bulbs are awakening from a long sleep.  It’s a time that we start looking forward with hope and optimism.

May this vibrant season also bring hope to our friends in Kabesheshe.

Happy Spring.  Happy Easter.  Happy New Year.

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A woman of a bigger soul…

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Early this morning whilst I was walking along the harbourfront with two dear women friends, one asked, ” What are you doing for IWD?” I wasn’t sure. When I got home, I went to my email and found this writing from Blessed. Here’s my answer…

International Women’s Day  2012

Status of Women: Strong Leadership, Strong Women, A Strong World: Equality

Each year around the world, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. This Year I would like to dedicate IWD to my grandmother who passed away in 2010 and my mother who passed away in 2000.

About My Late Grand Mother Sophia           

Coming from a family unit where HIV/AIDS has killed most of my family members, most of us as kids have grown up in the house of our late Grandmother Sophia. Grandmother Sophia raised us 18 as her grandkids because we lost our parents due this killer disease HIV. In my Village the accessibility about HIV is more less. People are still suffering from this Killer Disease.

Grandma gave her own best to the maximum she could, because she wanted her grandkids to study and have a better future. She worked for others, in weeding peoples’ banana plantations to make sure that we  got enough food, books and uniforms to go back to school. Up to now i still say it was not an easy journey for her. Till she passed away, she worked very hard to mentor most of us, and even other people. In my village, Kabasheshe, she was a loved person.

She gave her best to us even when there was less provisions. She loved the grandkids. Given our history, most us we don’t even know how our parents looked like, we only imagine from the pictures.

Grandma suffered from a chronic disease and the last memory I do remember. She died in my arms telling me to take care of my other cousins.


To my Late Mother Margret…

 I grew up up with a mother who was HIV positive. She did not know it until it was too late. It was the most painfult ime for her. At that time people knew when you were HIV positive, death was the only word that could be uttered all the time.

 My Mother died in 2000 and at the time I was very little too. She conceived three kids, two twins and one other boy.

I ittle remember how she took care of us.

I miss her so much. She was so beautiful, and she had hope that we will grow up. Right now I believe and trust she is resting well, maybe watching us when we are grown-ups too.

I can’t say much about her coz I was very young when she passed away, but people who lived with her say that she was a powerful, ultimate women of the integrity, a woman of a bigger soul.

She did love us.



To My Canadian Family, Dori and Nan

Now five years back, I met an angel in my life. I was doing my small works to earn more money to go back to school. I was washing a car at the hostel where Dori was staying. Immediately we became friends and connected so fast, as she asked about me. My story touched her heart, finding out that I had been living a very difficult life, without parents. She has parented me as a mother till now.

Not only Dori has parented me as my muzungu mother, but she has mothered the 18 candles, my cousins, whom my grandmothr Sophia left me in my hands. She has been helping and changing people’s lives in Uganda through me.

Since the beginning of this Project, we have been able help touch the lives of a few people like Samuel with his boda boda motorbike taxi to provide tuition, food and other domestics needs for his auntie  and her kids. Unfornately Samuel got an accident right now and he is in the hospital to be returning back home on Friday.  With a sewing machine, Housina is  earning some money for her baby boy Joshua, and to feel empowered as a women. Her sewing machine has helped her as slowly she recovers from her breast cancer. She also helps sewing the Candles’ uniforms and torn old clothes.

Mother Dori on a daily basis is working very hard, fundraising for enough support which goes to the Candles’ domestic needs, good nutrition, scholastic needs and medical care. Recently we found that seven of the 18 candles are HIV positive. It was lesson learnt for us after losing one of the youngest Candles, Jazira.

Blessed and Amidha joined University and college under the support from Mother Dori, Grand Nan and family friends.

We would like to acknowledge this International Women’s Day, that Mother Dori and Grandma Nan, have done incredible work, helping the helpless people in Uganda.

Thank you Grand Ma Nan and Mother Dori, we would like to wish you a happy International Women’s Day.    Love and hugs from The Candles

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The bead-in…

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The bead-in…

We got together on Saturday at the yoga studio to make some jewellery as a fund-raiser for The Candles. Kimberly brought lots of gorgeous beads and some examples of necklaces she had already made. We were inspired and excited to see that with her generous patience, encouragement and expertise that we too could create some cool strings of beads, including some exquisite ebony and ivory beads that Kelly donated from her days working in Africa. There were kids and yogis of all ages there!

At the end of the morning we had an impressive collection of necklaces to sell…..all proceeds  to strengthen CANDLEPOWER!

Big and special thanks to you, Kimberly and all yogis who supported us making and purchasing necklaces.



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