Christmas Cards are here!

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We’re receiving requests already! Halloween is over and Christmas is a-coming.

We have some new additions to our collection of Christmas cards with heart this season.
We named them, ‘cards with heart’ because our customers are shopping with their hearts. 100% of card sales go directly support The Candles, our family of 18 HIV orphan cousins. Each design incorporates a heart or two. Look closely you’ll see Each design is underscored with a pun! Some are funny, some are corny. It all depends on YOUR sense of humour!

These cards are specially designed by a local graphic artist who takes NO MONEY for his designs but offers them freely. They are works of the heart sold as a fundraiser for the kids. Cool, eh?photo-on-2016-11-06-at-10-23-am

These Christmas cards plus as our lines of birthday, baby congrats, new home, thank you and UNbirthday cards are major contributors to the wellbeing of the Candles. Who would have thunk it?
These greeting cards provide food, shelter, medical care, education as well as funds for 2 food production projects and start up money for small businesses. Really cool, eh?

Education is one of our priorities.
So far, we have 2 college graduates, 1 senior senior secondary graduate, a first year secondary student, a vocational high school student plus 10 Primary school students! As the kids graduate and find jobs they pay forward money for the tuition of the younger ones. For the past year Amim, our graduate in tourism and hotel management has paid the school needs of the 10 primary students. Really, really cool, eh?

Survival and self-reliance is another priority.
We have 2 sustainable garden projects underway. The kids are expected to work hard at school, at home and in the gardens. JEMBE Kabasheshe has been underway for a year. At the end of the third harvest there were enough onions to sell in the market, making enough money for the fourth seeding of the garden.
The second garden project, JEMBE Kabwoya has just been seeded with veggies and bananas for the first time. We have high hopes for JEMBE Kabwoya as a good return is needed to rebuild a house, dig new latrines, raise tuitions plus afford a second seeding.

Our goal for this family is a sustainable, healthy, happy future.
The kids are learning how their own hard work and commitment at home in the gardens, at school and in their careers author their success.
(FYI… JEMBE is a Kiswahili word for a short handled hoe commonly used throughout subSaharan Africa.)

photo-on-2016-11-06-at-10-16-amHere are some of the Christmas line.
Enjoy our cards with heart! And merry greetings to all!

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